YsOU – Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine/YsOU – is a unique project that brings together talented young musicians from all over Ukraine aged 12 to 22 with unstoppable energy, love for music, and willingness to grow.


In the early 2016, three German partner institutions – Beethoven Festival in Bonn, Germany (BeethovenFest Bonn), Federative Youth Orchestra of Germany and Deutsche Welle made a request to Oksana Lyniv and invited her as a conductor to their annual “Campus project” that brings together young musicians from Germany and internationally. In the negotiation process for the program and the participants, Oksana Lyniv suggested an idea to create a Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine similar to the Federative Youth Orchestra of Germany.

All parties supported the idea and developed a plan to create a unique Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine that would bring together the best musicians from both countries. The project to create the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine in 2016 was implemented with support of the Federative Republic of Germany, Goethe-Institut, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, BeethovenFest Bonn, and in partnership with the LvivMozArt festival. Project media partner: Deutsche Welle. December, 11–12, 2016, the first auditioning of musicians took place. 166 applications were submitted by pupils of regular and specialized music schools, music colleges and academies.

Thirty of them were selected to become participants of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. The first concerts of the new orchestra took place jointly with the Federative Youth Orchestra of Germany (Bundesjugendorchester) on August, 25, 2017, at the closing of the International Festival of Classical Music LvivMozArt in Lviv National Opera, and on the next day – in the National Philharmonics of Ukraine in Kyiv. On September, 15–16, 2017, the two orchestras performed at the BeethovenFest Bonn in Bonn and in Berlin (Germany).

For the program of concerts, it was chosen to play the overture by Franz Xaver Mozart, and classic works by national composers from Ukraine and Germany — the pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven and Borys Liatoshynskyi. For concerts in Germany, as commissioned by the project media partner Deutsche Welle, a Lviv composer Bohdan Sehin composed a special piece “Galician Fantasy” for seven accordions and orchestra. The project invites young musicians from all regions of Ukraine who are pupils or students of music schools.


Oksana Lyniv


founder and art director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. Chief conductor of opera and of philharmonics orchestra of Graz, Austria.

Iryna Vakulina


conductor, director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine.

Oksana Sydor


director for development of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (2016-2018), CEO of the LvivMozArt festival (2016-2018р.)

Oleksandra Zaytseva


manager of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine.

Yaroslav Shemet


conductor, assistant of Oksana Lyniv, an art director of Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine.




1 Violins:

  • GeorgiiMoroz– concertmaster of the orchestra
  • Zoriana Myliavska
  • Artem Kozyra
  • Dariia Rakhmanina
  • Natalka Totovytska
  • Olha Tytarenko
  • Anastasiia Dziadevych
  • Varvara Vasylieva
  • Ostap Shpik
  • Yelyzaveta Zubenko
  • Dana Bilichenko
  • Marharyta Kirsanova
  • Oksana Kuziak


2 Violins:

  • Yuliia Bielitska – section leader
  • Daniil Honobolin
  • Illia Bondarenko
  • Alevtyna Rakhmanina
  • Silviia Fudela
  • Andrii Heker
  • Alina Zolota
  • Anastasiia Rybak
  • Anna Zihmont
  • Olena Bachynska



  • Andrii Vorontsov – section leader
  • Mariia Lemishko
  • Hlib Sasko
  • Daria Dziadevych
  • Bogdan Havrylov
  • Yevheniia Krivych
  • Sofiia Yatsyshyna


  • Veronika Kolosovska – section leader
  • Yuliya Turok
  • Andriana Krysa
  • Viktoriia Mendzhul
  • Anna Pankina
  • Viliam Krapyvkin
  • Oleh Somyk
  • Mila Kudelina
  • Anastasiia Savina

Double basses:

  • Oleksandr Larkin – section leader
  • Dmytro Rudyk
  • Andrii Panchyshyn
  • Denys Markevych



  • Mykola Kuzmenko – flute
  • Iryna Rybak – flute
  • Dariy Ivan Lay Arauz – flute, flute-piccolo
  • Daryna Bachynska – flute
  • Oleh Oros – oboe, English horn
  • Mykola Yakovliuk – oboe
  • Yelyzaveta Chkhartishvili – oboe
  • Emiliia Troyan – oboe
  • Vitalii Liashko – clarinet
  • Ostap Bachynskyy – clarinet, bass-clarinet
  • Demian Vyrozub – clarinet
  • Oleksandra Vasylieva – bassoon
  • Alina Sapunkova – bassoon
  • Taras Yarushevskyi – bassoon, contrabassoon
  • Yana Snisar – bassoon



  • Vitalii Krotyk – horn
  • Marian Gadsetskyy – horn
  • Vadym Vilchynskyi – horn
  • Roman Boiko – horn
  • Vadym Osipov – horn
  • Mykhailo Tkachenko – horn
  • Andrii Lysak – horn
  • Tetiana Bura – trumpet
  • Nazar Mykytiuk – trumpet
  • Volodymyr Bykhun – trumpet
  • Tymuk Khalilov – trumpet
  • Vasyl Hanhal – trombone
  • Herman Rybak – trombone
  • Borys Bohdan – trombone
  • Anastasiia Zarichna – trombone
  • Anton Yavnyi – tuba



  • Denys Zelinskyi
  • Ostap Tomchuk
  • Bohdan Tomchuk
  • Mark Bravarniuk
  • Oleh Chaplynskyi



  • Dariia Ahapova



Candidates fill in the online application form and send a video recording of a piece they perform to the email: youth.orchestra.ua@gmail.com.


According to shortlisting results, candidates will be invited to take the auditioning engaging professors representing the entire Ukraine.

During the auditioning, candidates shall present a fragment from a long-form piece (preferably 1 part) and a small piece of a choice. A list of orchestra difficulties will be sent in advance, which performance shall be part of auditioning.

Contact person

Director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine/YsOU Iryna Vakulina,